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Do You Have That Innate Calling To Help People Live Happier, Healthier Lives Through Creativity, 
Joy and Holistic Healing?


The Soul-Full Mind College offers on-campus face-to-face training throughout Victoria.

Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy Practitioner Course is an educational training course that harmonises art and heart. 

Would you like to step into a career where you work for yourself, choose your own hours and make a great income, while helping people live happier, healthier and more creative lives?
This training transforms lives; it is a heart-centred career in a rapidly expanding field. 

Through supportive and enjoyable face-to-face learning, students will explore a variety of creative arts while learning the essentials of working as a Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapist in the HICAT professional, accredited practical training course

Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy is a mental health profession that uses the creative process of art-making to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals of all ages. Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapies can be used in a wide variety of settings and with an assortment of different clients. If you want to work with children or already do, HICAT will provide you with highly effective skills which are valued by parents and teachers.

It assists children to express and process emotions, managing stress, self-regulate, and developing confidence and the ability to focus and concentrate. 

HICAT is also extremely beneficial to children on the autism spectrum, children with behavioural issues and their families. Aged care is another area where Holistic Integrated Creative Art Therapies make a powerful impact. Regular participation in arts therapies can completely change the quality of life for many older people and assist in treating social issues like loneliness and loss of purpose through to conditions like dementia and hypertension.  

Working with aged care clients is the most rewarding, inspiring and fulfilling career. 

Holistic Integrated Creative Art Therapists are in high demand in the corporate sector where they can contribute to positive work environments, less workplace stress and reduced workplace bullying.  

HICAT also helps to stimulate creativity and awaken leadership skills. Builds confidence, and assertiveness. This improves productivity and profitability making it a popular team-building program for smart corporate managers.  

Who should do this course? 
This training is perfect for those who are creative and want to start a prosperous new career. It would also be very beneficial to teachers and healthcare workers who want to diversify their skill sets.

Suitable for all ages over 18 years, including mature-age students. No previous experience or qualifications are required. 

No artistic ability is necessary add a new dimension to your current qualifications or launch a new career as a holistic practitioner.
Practical topics covered in this course include: 
☼ Art Therapy (paint, watercolour pencils, charcoal & oil pastels) 
☼ Tactile Therapy (sculpture, clay, construction) 
☼ Sand-play & Environmental Art-making 
☼ Music, Tribal Rhythms 
☼ Medicine Drums & Sound Therapy 
☼ Dance & Movement Therapy 
☼ Role Play, Storytelling, Creative Writing & Drama Therapy 

Theory topics covered in this course include: 
☼ The cause & effects of stress 
☼ The mind/body connection 
☼ Physiology of the brain 
☼ Left brain/right brain 
☼ Unconscious beliefs and mental patterns 
☼ Exploring Emotions 
☼ History of art therapy 
☼ Creative therapies & health 
☼ Why creative art therapies are effective 
☼ Creative art therapies as emotional healing 
☼ Creative art therapies for recovery & rehabilitation 
☼ Art & developing intuition 
☼ Drawing from within 
☼ Colour & emotions 
☼ Sound, vibration & the bodies cells 
☼ The creative process 
☼ Art appreciation 
☼ Interpretation & Diagnosis 
☼ Compassion & Non-judgement 
☼ Learning Styles ☼ Personality types 
☼ Managing groups 
☼ Supporting clients 
☼ Working with PTSD 
☼ Working with anxiety disorders 
☼ Working with grief & loss 
☼ Working with children 
☼ Working with depression 
☼ Working in medical settings 
☼ Developing community art projects 
☼ Meditation for every day 
☼ Meditation in action through art 
☼ Meditation with music and movement 
☼ Gratitude & art journaling 
☼ Holistic counselling skills for creative arts therapists 
☼ Networking & referring 
☼ Ethics, safety & professionalism 
☼ Setting up your practice 
☼ Creating a specialised practice 
☼ Resources, materials & equipment 
☼ Marketing for creative arts therapists 
☼ Legalities, insurance and joining associations  
Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapists do NOT analyse clients' artwork, the therapist empowers the client to be their storyteller. All of our training materials are evidence-based and industry-accredited with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists and the Complementary Association. 

You will learn about positive psychology and explore the link between emotional, physical and psychological well-being. You will have ongoing support through our graduate's social media group to keep you informed, connected and inspired. 

You will be able to join the IICT and the CMA, for your professional association and insurance. You will also receive membership to the Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapists Association (HICATA) and the International Meditation Teachers and Therapists Association (IMTTA), free for your first year. 

You will be able to get public liability and professional indemnity insurance. You will emerge from this training course with the wisdom and confidence required to practice as a Holistic Integrated Creative Art Therapist. 

You will be equipped with all the knowledge, resources, tools and support you need to create a personally and professionally rewarding career where you can work for yourself and make a great income. Best of all, you will be empowering people to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling and more creative lives. 

If helping people rediscover their innate creativity and playfulness while developing skills to overcome physical, mental and emotional hurdles and live happier healthier lives, is how you would like to make your living, this course is for you!
✓ Our classes offer a high level of support and mentoring from highly trained teachers. 
✓ We provide hands-on learning experiences.
✓ We create a space for students to build connections, friendships and social interactions among fellow students.
✓ You will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and questions with fellow students, providing a valuable learning experience.
✓ You will be held in a safe environment to learn, grow and transform.

HICAT classes are conducted in a classroom setting, offering either live virtual classrooms or on-campus with face-to-face training provided by a highly skilled teacher.

Each of your classes will be divided into theory and practical sessions. A great deal of time will be spent exploring and participating in the creative arts and a wide variety of meditation styles, including movement meditation, mantra meditation, chakra meditation, guided creative visualisation, mindfulness and zen meditation. 

Class Times 9.30 am to 3.00 pm 
20-Week Course 
Class One day per week

Class times remain consistent for both on-campus and virtual live-campus options, and attendance is required for all students each week.

No classes during school holidays or on public holidays 
Our Weekly Class Schedule  
9.30 am to 11.30 am 
Theory unpacked and discussed 
☼ Welcome 
☼ In-depth Theory Discussion 
☼ Question and Answer time 
☼ Practical activities depending on the module 
11.30 am to 12.00 pm 
Student Practical activities 
12.10 pm to 2.00 pm 
Student presentation of activities 
2.00 pm to 3.00 pm 
☼ Reflection and Students' Insights from Activities 
☼ Homework discussion 
☼ Meditation or Breathwork to end class (this does depend on timeframes)
You will need to be able to read and write in English. 
☼ Access to a computer with an internet connection.
☼ Email access.
☼ Be able to open and read PDFs (we can help you with this).
☼ A moderate level of computer literacy (sending emails, internet, uploading documents and photos).
☼ Ability to watch and listen to videos and TED talks.
☼ You will be provided with a materials list that will cost no more than AUD $200. 
This will include all the art materials and resources you will need throughout your course. You do not have to purchase all the items at once plus you may be able to utilise your own art supplies.
☼ Time management skills
☼ You need to set aside 10 hours of study time each week to complete your course on time. 
Course Duration 
20 Weeks
Classes do not run on school holidays or public holidays
Contact Hours = 120 Hours
Off-Campus Study Time = 120 Hours
Additional Supervised Practice = 20 Hours
Total hours = 260 Hours

Course Fees

On Campus Course Fees


FULL COURSE FEE - paid on enrolment - $2,950.00
Saving $300
Plus material art supply list - $200.00

PAYMENT PLAN FEE - $3,250.00
$350.00 - Deposit paid on enrolment to secure your place
Plus material art supply list - $200.00

PAYMENT PLAN - 25 x weekly payment of $116.00
FULL COURSE FEE - paid on enrolment - $2,950.00 
Saving $300 
Plus material art supply list - $200.00 

PAYMENT PLAN FEE - $3,250.00 
$350.00 - Deposit paid on enrolment to secure your place 
Plus material art supply list - $200.00 

PAYMENT PLAN - 25 x weekly payment of $116.00

FULL COURSE FEE - paid on enrolment - $2,650.00 
Saving $300
Plus material art supply list - $200.00

PAYMENT PLAN FEE - $2,950.00
$350.00 - Deposit paid on enrolment to secure your place
Plus material art supply list - $200.00

PAYMENT PLAN - 25 x weekly payment of $104.00 

We value your individuality here at The Soul-Full Mind College. 
The assessment of the homework process is not designed to make judgements or categorise students. 
You all have unique gifts to bring to your own practice and we do not want to uniform you in any way. In fact, we want to enhance and build on your uniqueness. 
Neither is the assessment process intended to place a value on the quality of one student’s work above another’s. 
It is designed to allow your teacher to view how you are progressing and developing throughout the course. 

Students are assessed throughout the training course for; 
☼ Completion of all activities 
☼ Comprehension of all modalities and activities 
☼ Following the instructions for all activities 
☼ Complying with and following Timeframes 
☼ Unless an extension has been granted by the teacher 
☼ Completion of all the module submissions forms 
☼ Student's engagement and interaction with the teacher 
☼ Academical and Personal Growth throughout the training course
Graduates receive the Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy Practitioner Training Course Certificate and can use the letters Mbe.HICATprac. (Mind Body Education Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy Practitioner ) after their names.
Graduates can also join the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and the Complementary Medical Association and get professional insurance. You will also be provided with a full year of free membership to the Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapists Association and the International Meditation Teachers and Therapists Association.
You will graduate with the skills, knowledge and confidence required to set up your own Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy Practice; run workshops, work with groups and see individual clients, in either general practice or specialising in specific areas of interest, if you wish.

You may also be able to seek employment within some organisations that value holistic and complementary therapies. This is a professional, practical training course where you will explore a wide range of creative arts while learning the essentials of working as a Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapist, in a safe, extremely supportive and fun-filled environment, with a highly experienced holistic therapist trainer. 

All information is evidence-based and will prepare you for a professionally rewarding career. 

This course is also suitable for personal development. Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy Practitioner Training Course is the use of art, music, drama, dance/movement, poetry/creative writing, play, storytelling and sand play within the context of therapy, counselling, rehabilitation, and holistic healing. HICAT enhances physical, mental and emotional functioning and well-being. Holistic therapists work with the whole person and assist people in becoming self-empowered by supporting them on a journey of self-exploration and personal growth, incorporating the body, mind, emotions and spirit. 

This course connects clinical research with ancient traditional wisdom; developing the mind, expanding creativity, building confidence and self-awareness, realigning the body’s cells, reconnecting with the essence of joy and awakening the spirit. 

Don't take our word for it... here is what our GRADUATES say about the HICAT training course!



We are extremely pleased to announce that Mind Body Education has won the 
Mental Health Awards 2022 - Best Online Creative Arts Therapy Training Provider (Australia). 

This is a wonderful reflection of the HICAT course's impact on students, clients and the whole community.
The Soul-Full Mind College HICAT - On Campus Venue
It brings us great pleasure to congratulate The Soul-Full Mind College on receiving the prestigious award of The Best Global Holistic Therapies Training Provider in Victoria.
This recognition acknowledges the college's commitment to excellence, innovation, and empowering individuals through holistic practices. It is a testament to the tireless efforts of Julie-Anne, as well as the positive impact she has had on countless lives throughout the St Leonards community. 

The award reaffirms the college's position as a leader in the field, inspiring others to embark on their own transformative journeys. Julie-Anne embarked on a journey of sharing her wisdom through various avenues, including weekly meditation classes, specialised kids' classes, meditation programs, empowering workshops, and women's circles.

In 2016, she took her first steps as a teacher by guiding just two students in the relaxation response exercise at the St Leonards Memorial Hall. This humble beginning marked the birthplace of something truly remarkable.
In 2018, Julie-Anne embarked on a new chapter in her teaching journey by joining Mind Body Education as a teacher for the HICAT course. Little did she know this opportunity would lead her to an incredible honour—the chance to teach in Jodhpur, India, with Mind Body Education. Teaching in India, a place that has a profound impact on one's soul, was a truly remarkable experience for Julie-Anne. During her flight to India that year, Julie-Anne had a powerful vision. She saw herself running a college, dedicated to imparting these transformative courses.
To her delight, this vision became a reality in March 2019, when she established The Soul-Full Mind College. It was a dream come true for Julie-Anne, as she now had the platform to teach these life-changing courses and empower others on their journeys.
 In her role as a teacher, Julie-Anne possesses an extraordinary gift—the ability to perceive people's true potential and guide them in uncovering the layers that hinder their progress towards greatness. With her guidance, students thrive within the classrooms, breaking free from the barriers that hold them back and stepping into their own paths of brilliance.
The journey of transformation and empowerment continues to unfold at the cherished St Leonards Memorial Hall, where Julie-Anne's teaching legacy thrives. It is within this sacred space that she continues to inspire and uplift others on their quests for greatness. Julie-Anne holds a deep sense of gratitude towards St Leonards Memorial Hall for providing her with the space to grow both personally and professionally. 

This gratitude fuels her dedication to giving back to the hall and ensuring its continued thriving presence within the community. She recognises the significant role the hall plays in facilitating and enabling profound experiences, fostering connections, nurturing community, and creating cherished memories. 

A genuine commitment where individuals can come together, grow, and contribute to the community as a whole.
Indeed, this space has witnessed the birth of remarkable endeavours throughout its time, and many more endeavours to come. - St Leonards Progress Association



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