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We are thrilled to announce that The Soul-Full Mind College will be making a contribution to the Touching Lives charity. 

Our college founder, Julie-Anne, experienced a profound connection with India, where the essence of the country ignited her soul and set her on a remarkable journey of transforming lives. 

In her quest, Julie-Anne actively sought out a charity that aligned with her life's purpose and intentions. She firmly believes that each of us possesses the power to make a positive impact on the world and elevate the collective consciousness of humanity. 

Recognising that contributing is the most potent way to bring about harmony, balance, peace, and love in our world, Julie-Anne encourages us all to approach life from a place of love and create a nurturing environment for healing hearts. 

To fulfil this vision, we have established "The Soul-Full Hearts," we are dedicated to making a profound difference in numerous lives. 

Here is where our colleges make a difference: 
✓ St Leonards Primary School 
✓ Leonards Memorial Hall 
✓ Homeless Souls in Geelong 
✓ Beds for the Homeless 
✓ Meals - Homeless 
✓ Meditation events - Fundraising for many people in need 
✓ Random Acts of Kindness scholarship program 


Welcome to Touching Lives - Based in Mumbai, Touching Lives is a non-profit organisation with a Global vision. 

It works towards providing opportunities for Learning, Healing, Art, Technology and Life-skills to children and parents living in slum communities. 

Founded in 2003 by Sonia Mackwani with the value – ‘It is our need to serve than saying we are serving the needy’, the team of Touching Lives is guided by the mantras of Self-work*, Seva and Saadhna.

Other initiatives: - 
☼ Care Program It is an integral part of the work where our team of Healers trained in Psychology, Alternative Therapies work with children and parents on an individual basis and in groups to help them develop Life-Skills, Conscious living and Mindfulness. It also acts as a remedial measure. 
☼ Media Project It is a unique pilot project by Touching Lives. It aims to: Educate children and young adults on hands-on skill building in film-making and story-telling, Use cinema/screenings as therapy in the classrooms and communities, Produce visual content that connects and nurtures the generations ahead, and build a platform to bring the work of children and youth across the globe through the signature film festival. 
☼ Self-work Training Through this project, we provide tools and opportunities for self-work and evolution. Teachers, Corporate teams, and mental health professionals have attended and benefited from the training programs organised by Sonia Mackwani and Touching Lives