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Free Ebooks by Julie -Anne Salter

Discover our collection of complimentary eBooks below, designed to empower your personal and professional growth


Unveiling Life's Tapestry Through Artful Storytelling for Our Elders

Embark on a journey through this eBook, dedicated to amplifying the voices of the elderly through the transformative power of creativity. 
Discover effective strategies that empower and celebrate the untold stories within their hearts.


How to use Holistic Creative Arts Therapies to support children’s stresses

This free eBook is a special token of generosity from our college's founder, Julie-Anne Salter. She firmly believes in the importance of sharing our abilities to provide comprehensive support to children. With the right tools and resources, each of us has the potential to make a significant difference in the lives of children. Julie-Anne is a dedicated Holistic Health Educator who conducts life-changing training courses.
Embrace the enjoyment of creative arts therapies and delve into these incredible fun activities that have the ability to support children in stress.




After all the anticipation, it is nearly almost here! 
When Hope Whispers is Julie-Anne's life's work working in the Holistic Health Industry for the last ten years. 
Her healing journey is the inspiration behind the book, which ignited something within her to create a book to restore hope. 
The book is part memoir and part healing guidance. She wishes to inspire and empower others to rewrite their healing journey and live the grandest life they truly deserve. Her book takes the reader on the most honest and raw healing journey. 
Her guidance asks deep questions, getting the reader to think, reflect and ignite something within that creates the space for change. 
She believes everyone walking this earth can return to the healer within once they know their body's healing wisdom. Pages of practical wisdom that you can immediately adapt to your life. 
Don't wait for the reality slap; your body is talking to you daily. Are you listening?  Or are you living in autopilot or survival mode, alive but not living? 
She promises to keep it real throughout all the teachings and trust me, she has a beautiful gift.   

There is a beautiful space of 15 seconds that gifts you the awareness to respond more healthily and can change an outcome. 

If Julie-Anne can change her life, so can you.


When Hope Whispers is an inspiring, honest book that is part memoir and self-paced healing guidance. 
One woman's journey of sheer courage, resilience and bravery is not to give it up and fight for her health to live the most grateful, contented life.
Julie-Anne shares her wisdom, knowledge, and education of working in the Holistic health industry for the last ten years. An inspiring book of healing, not concealing. 
Julie-Anne is the founder and teacher/trainer of a Meditation Teacher and Holistic Therapies training college. She is also an accredited and highly trained holistic practitioner. She has trained over 200 practitioners across the world so far. She has guided at least 10,000 people back into a deep state of relaxation. Julie-Anne has travelled to Jodhpur, India, with Mind Body Education as a teacher and taught in India, also known as the heart of meditation. 
She has empowered hundreds of clients to live happier, healthier lives. Her thriving practice assisted women, children in care, and children with anxieties, running wellness programs, facilitating workshops, and working with the elderly (her oldest client was 97 years old). She was her life coach assisting the client in reaching some lifelong goals of loving herself wholly before leaving this world. 
Her healing journey has lifted the veil off her eyes and shown her what life is really about. The journey equipped her with the tools and techniques to unlearn everything we have ever been taught about how to heal. She sees the world, healing, health industry, and life with fresh new eyes. On this inspirational healing journey, she has learnt that every one of us is guided and supported by the universe, the divine, or whoever we believe in. We all have the opportunity to live the life we truly deserve. However, most people are not equipped with the tools and techniques or have the knowledge to do so. They are lost in the darkness and cannot find the light. Julie-Anne intends to equip you with the tools and techniques to enhance your life for the better.  
We hope Julie-Anne’s journey will inspire you to step into the wonders of awakening the healer within!   


I loved this book! 
Thank you for sharing your experiences and inner world with me. 
I have done your courses and felt that this book complimented the journey I have experienced as a result. 
My story is very different, but I have also been empowered as a result. 
I also managed to stop smoking cigarettes by meditating. I never thought I could ever stop! It was a 20-year habit, and I have been smoke-free for two years now. 
The beauty of your teachings is the healing that meditation brings to the mind, body and spirit. 
You are an inspirational and beautiful soul. I feel honoured to share my healing journey with you. 
I feel blessed that we crossed paths, and I recommend this book to anyone wanting long-lasting change in their lives.” 

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